Wings + Horns Fall/Winter 14 lookbook

Wings + Horns previews its upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 with a new lookbook. Titled, “Polar Night,” the collection was inspired by Canada’s north and celebrates the brand’s 10th anniversary. With a focus on utilitarian craftsmanship, the collection introduces two custom Japanese fabrics — Cabin Fleece and Dusk Stripe — to produce simple, durable clothing designed for harsh climates.

In addition to hoodies, crewnecks, blazers and bomber jackets, the commemorative collection brings back a few iconic styles from the archives, including the brand’s Bunker jacket made of double-faced DWR Polartec fleece, a Melton wool Flight Jacket with satin backed sleeves and a special GORE-TEX parka produced with nanamica and the Ace Hotel.

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Cult jewellery brand Meadowlark create timeless totems to be forever cherished.

Emerging from the glitter and creative dreaming of the workshop, handcrafted and refined from tools time-honoured, each piece of Meadowlark jewellery deeply invokes meaning to those it adorns.

Wedded in business and love, Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont are the key forces behind the brand, coming together from backgrounds in graphic design and skate culture. Creativity and design inspire every element of their work, with each facet from presentation and purity of materials to customer experience meticulously considered from all angles.

The roll call of Meadowlark wearers is the ultimate testimony to its decadently dark and utterly unique aesthetic – Florence Welch, Alison Mosshart, Jamie Hince, Grimes, Bat For Lashes, Alisa Xayalith, Rihanna and Lorde are all members of the Meadowlark sect.

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Eytys is a Stockholm-based sneaker brand that aims to be the perfect product manifestation of generation Y: “Born in the boom years of the 80’s, grew up with the street culture of the 90’s, and subsisted on a heavy diet of everything — and anything - which has always been just a click away.”

A Q & A with Max Schiller, cofounder of Stockholm-based sneaker brand Eytys.

You say that Eytys is a celebration of multidisciplinary creativity; would you mind elaborating on that a bit?

Being part of Generation Y and growing up with MTV and the Internet, we’ve had access to a wide stream of inspiration and creativity. Art, photography, music, and fashion have all been within our reach. With Eytys we want to create a platform through which we can reach out to, connect, and work with creative people we admire. It could be a 16-year-old in Oklahoma posting things on Tumblr as well as an artist who already has a successful career. It’s the quality of the work that matters.

I noticed you just launched a print in tribute to the Memphis Group. Where do you generally draw inspiration for your products?

Anything and everything, from nostalgia to futurism, that is visually arresting and evoking and that tickles our senses is inspiring. When working on our first prints, the starting point was the 1994 World Cup jerseys of Mexican soccer goalkeeper Jorge Campos.

We read somewhere that the NASA space probe Voyager 1 has left our solar system after 36 years of traveling. Just the thought of that got our minds going and resulted in a collaboration with London artist Tom Sewell consisting of a print, animations, and packaging based on the imaginary surroundings of Voyager 1.

Being based in Stockholm and with sneaker culture on the rise, would you say that we are getting better at wearing premium sneakers?

We’ve been wearing sneakers for decades. In our case, having the “right” skate shoes was the first thing that got us to smash the piggy bank as 10-year-olds. Sneakers are a democratic product in the sense that they don’t have to be expensive to be coveted. The “premium segment” has never been relevant to us. There’s something nostalgic with sneakers, and there’s definitely a demand right now, but hasn’t it always been [that way]?

What is next for Eytys?

We’re introducing Odyssey this fall. It’s a padded unisex high-top with the same clean look and bold proportions as our first style, Mother. We try to stay very focused and do a few things well rather than reaching out in too many directions.

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