Engineered Garments 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook

Story Engineered Garments took its brand name from a pattern maker hired to draft the first round of patterns. She claimed that the clothes were not designed but engineered due to the vast amount of detailing involved in each garment. The designer of the collection, Daiki Suzuki, agreed. Details from American sportswear, outdoor clothing, and military uniforms are all included in the collection and give Engineered Garments unique and practical detailing missing in much of American

Fall/Winter 2014 collection. While sticking to its roots in workwear and heritage outdoors apparel, recent collections have displayed a more contemporary, street-ready look and this latest collection is no different. The Daiki Suzuki-led line’s latest pieces offer a more contemporary fit and includes a host of darker looks to complement the earthy tones that we’ve come to expect from the line. Layering is another of Engineered Garment’s specialities, and here they show the experts would it across a wide range of pieces.

Select pieces available in-store