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New at our store Guns, Germs and Steal.
at American Rag La Brea
Stampd continues to draw inspiration with monochromatic American Flags and the introduction of the Datejust Rolex.
The engraved inner bezel features a quote by Baltasar Gracian, ”TIME AND I AGAINST ANY TWO”and one of our underlying themes, ”MADE TO MAKE IT”
Stampd worked hard to enhance the clean lines of this ageless piece using only the classic stars and stripes on the dial and Stampd Los Angeles signature seal engraved on the back.
A perfect extension of our clean and timeless aesthetic.
Refinery 29 listed us as one of the top 50 boutiques in Los Angeles!"A hybrid of vintage and new, this celeb-adored spot boasts a wide selection of vintage Levis 501’s alongside new collection items for men from Raif and Rogue and Weatherly and Otis & Maclain for women. Overall, it’s a great place to go for jeans — the retailer stocks close to 30 brands."

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Stampd Los Angeles is proud to announce its first brick and mortar partnership with American Rag CIE. In Addition to limited pieces and one of a kind art, Stampd will be introducing a hand shaped surfboard and their highly coveted custom Datejust Rolex.150 S. La BreaThursday November 8th6pm - 9pmMusic Selections by: VANVILLESTAMPD LA & SWISS SIGNATURE Invite Only AfterpartyPalihouse Hotel 9pm - 2am
Multifaceted brand Obey has made its name by producing thought provoking designs since 1989. This street-wear brand mixes classic military influences with high-end wearable basics. Influenced by skate, surf and art, designer Mike Ternosky channels the vision of Shepard Fairey by keeping with the ideal that self-empowerment is universal and wearable.
We’re used to seeing Shep’s art sprinkled around building tops up and down La Brea.  Recently the owners of the parking garage across the street gave Shep free reign to paint the entire building.  He jumped at the rare opportunity to paint in daylight, taking afternoon lunchbreaks with his crew at our cafe.  Mike T has been designing the entire Obey line, save for the graphics, which we think makes him not only hugely talented, but one of the hardest working designers in the industry.
Mike T:
1. What was your original dream job? When I was in elementary school I always wanted to work in the skate and surf industry. So I ended up drawing pictures of waves and ramps on all my school notebooks. And now look where that landed me.
2. Favorite Pet?  I’m a cat lover. But I think I’ve retired from the pet game for the time being.
3. Worst date? Never had a bad one. But my best date was at the reggae/dance hall night Dub Club at the Short Stop where I met my wife. The song we met to was Sister Nancy “Bam Bam”.
4. Last song you downloaded? My brother just file shared me “Thundermother” “No Red Rowan”. He’s the dealer that supplies me with all my tunes.
5. Mode of transportation? My 1985 Mercedes 350 sl hard top. Rides like a blast from the past.
6. Your ideal day off? Hanging with the family in the backyard and doing some gardening with them.
7. Favorite local hangout? Cafe Stella on Monday nights when my brother and friends DJ the side bar. 
8.Who’s your favorite designer? Adam Kimmel, refined work-wear and menswear at its best. 
9. If you could have one superpower, what would it be? To add more hours to the day. Between family and work, more hours would be nice to go skateboarding with the crew.
10. if you could have beer with anyone who would it be? My dad. Coolest dude ever with lots of street knowledge and wisdom.
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